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Point Blank: Hardboiled, Noir, & Detective Fiction

Jun 30, 2018

Look at this dingus!

It's "The Maltese Falcon" by Dashiell Hammett.

This episode we dive deep into the falcon while discussing the book, '80's cartoons, Communist presses, and gunsels.

I'm sure we got some things wrong so call us out on it. Get in touch with the show at:

Twitter: @pointblanknoir


Jun 16, 2018

Look at this dingus! It's part 1 of our discussion of The Maltese Falcon, perhaps the most well known book in all of crime fiction.

In this episode we tease out a few of our initial thoughts on the book and suggest you give it a read before part 2. We discuss the lost Hammett tale "The Glass That Laughed." A new segment...